Small hand tools are a leading cause of on the job accidents. Reduce your risk by following some simple safety guidelines.

Wear the appropriate personal protective equipment at all times, even if doing a very quick job. Eye protection should be worn at all times. Depending on the tool being used, you may also need to be wearing leather gloves or special foot protection. Do not wear loose, baggy or flammable clothing when working with small hand tools. Jewelry is also not to be worn, as it could easily get caught in the working parts of the tool.

Protect your hair, scalp and head by pulling back long hair so that it does not get caught in the tool. You should also wear a hard hat to protect your head. Protect your fingers when hammering or using a chisel. Be alert at all times while working with hand tools. Keep the work area and the tools you are using clean. Tools that are covered in dirt, oil or grease are more likely to result in an accident.

Always use the proper tool for the job. Maintain sharp edges on all cutting tools. Carry and store all sharp edged tools with the cutting edge down.