The key to working safely in colder temperatures starts with understanding what cold weather injuries are and how to avoid them.

Although slips, trips and falls are common problems, there are other dangerous hazards resulting from unprotected exposure while working in cold weather.

Chilblains, Immersion Foot, Trench Foot, Frostnip, Frostbite, Hypothermia and Dehydration are hazards that can disable you. Some of these conditions can not only lead to amputations, they are genuinely life-threatening.

Your health and safety in cold weather demands that you know the hazards associated with snow, ice, falling temperatures and contact with super-cooled liquids or metals.

This safety training video outlines the health hazards that can hit us in colder weather. It covers several tips on how to spot these hazards and protect yourself. Although it is important for those who work outside, it is a good video to share with your family, especially children and older family members.

Protect yourself, your co-workers, your family and friends by sharing this video with them. With proper precautions, medical emergencies caused by cold weather can be avoided.