During winter, walking anywhere outside demands extra attention to avoid slipping and falling. No matter how well snow and ice is removed from ground surfaces or how much salt has been thrown down, there are still going to be some slippery surfaces every time you walk outside.

Send the link to this short video to employees, students, family members and business owners to educate them on preventing cold weather slips, trips and falls.

Help reduce the number of accidents and injuries in your workplace, and in your family.

No matter where you work – in retail, health care, nursing, warehousing, manufacturing – slips and falls are a major cause of workplace injuries, and even a high percentage of fatalities. Slips and falls can also contribute to back injuries.

Overall, they are a health and safety hazard that cannot be ignored. Elderly are especially susceptible to falls in cold weather.

The life you save could be a loved one's, or even your own.