Safety Shower

Last updated: August 2, 2018

What Does Safety Shower Mean?

A safety shower is a piece of equipment designed to wash away chemicals that have come into contact with the skin or clothing as the result of a chemical splash or spill. They are also used to disinfect workers who have been exposed to airborne chemicals or toxins, such as methamphetamine.

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Safeopedia Explains Safety Shower

Most chemical labs have a wall unit safety shower, while mobile professions, such as drug enforcement officials, have portable style showers they can take on calls.

As skin contact of corrosive materials can cause serious harm to workers, the sooner a person is placed in a safety shower after exposure the better. For that reason, showers must be placed no more than 10 seconds away (roughly 55 feet) from the workplace's chemical hazards.

A safety shower should flow between 70-80 liters of water per minute. Safety showers should be regularly maintained by health and safety personnel to ensure speed and efficiency of use when required.



Chemical Shower

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