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Emergency Mobile Showers

Last updated: August 2, 2018

What Does Emergency Mobile Showers Mean?

Emergency mobile showers are safety showers that are used in locations (whether outdoor or indoor) where no plumbing or adequate water supply is present.

Mobile showers consist of a water tank with sufficient supply to meet emergency response needs in case a worker is exposed to a hazardous chemical, along with a shower pipe the dispense the water from a sufficient height. They are generally equipped with wheels and handles or towing hitches to ease transportation.

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Safeopedia Explains Emergency Mobile Showers

Like other safety showers, emergency mobile showers are used to wash harmful chemicals off a worker before they suffer additional harm or damage from continued exposure.

Many emergency shower models are installed in a facility and hooked up to the building's water supply. However, when working outdoors, in abandoned buildings, underground, or in buildings still under construction, there may be limited access to consistent and reliable supplies of water. In those situations, employers who must provide safety showers for their employees can purchase an emergency mobile shower that can be brought to any job site and used without being hooked up to any plumbing fixtures or water source.

Emergency mobile showers can also be kept on hand to be used when the facility's primary emergency showers are undergoing repair or maintenance. This allows work to continue even while an important piece of safety equipment is temporarily out of commission.


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