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Electric Receptacles

Last updated: November 9, 2020

What Does Electric Receptacles Mean?

Electric receptacles are a type of AC power outlet. An electric receptacle is an opening or series of openings connected to a wired power source meant to power electrical equipment and components in a building by connecting them to the primary alternating current (AC) power supply.

Electrical grade outlets normally use a 125V, 15A straight blade receptacle. They are used as the receiving end of the male cord end that you insert into a receptacle.

It is also known as an electrical outlet.

Safeopedia Explains Electric Receptacles

All receptacles have a NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) number.

NEMA designations are used to prevent the wrong combination of electrical systems from being connected together. This eliminates potentially hazardous conditions.The rating of every electrical receptacle, the size of the wire used to feed the outlet, and the breaker must all be matched.

The NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers’ Association) configuration and designation specifies that sockets differ in voltage and current rating, shape, size and type of connectors. Each country sets its own standard for receptacles, some of which are listed in the IEC technical report TR 60083.



Electrical Outlet

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