Impact Resistance

Definition - What does Impact Resistance mean?

Impact resistance is the ability of a material to withstand a high force or shock applied to it over a short period of time. A high force over a short time has a greater effect than a weaker force over a longer period of time. The impact is also proportionate to the relative velocity of the colliding materials. Therefore, the impact resistance of properties of materials are important when considering use of these materials for the safety of personnel or equipment at a risk of encountering impact.

Safeopedia explains Impact Resistance

In terms of occupational health and safety, impact is a very important phenomenon. Impact resistance governs the life or durability of a material used for protecting workers. This includes personal protective equipment (PPE) and various other equipment. Impact tests are conducted while producing PPE such as helmets and safety goggles. The materials that are used in producing a particular article of PPE directly relate to its ability to absorb energy during impacts. Impact resistance of materials varies with temperature and other environmental conditions.

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