Impact Resistance

Published: | Updated: September 3, 2019

Definition - What does Impact Resistance mean?

Impact resistance is a material's ability to withstand intense force or shock applied to it over a short period of time.

Impact resistance is an important consideration for fall protection equipment. When a worker falls, their body harness, lifeline, self-retracting lanyard, and anchor are all subjected to a high impact. Unless these material can all withstand the force of the impact, the equipment will not keep the falling worker safe.

Safeopedia explains Impact Resistance

Impact resistance also gives an indication of the life or durability of materials used in personal protective equipment (including fall protection devices). Helmets, safety goggles, body harnesses, and other forms of PPE are all impact tested before being sent into the market.

Temperatures and other environmental conditions can affect the amount of energy a material can absorb. These factors, then, need to be taken into consideration when designing or using personal protection equipment.

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