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Radians Safety Glasses

Last updated: May 20, 2018

What Does Radians Safety Glasses Mean?

Radians is company producing a range of OSHA approved PPE including safety glasses, goggles, foam lined eyewear, polarized eyewear and bifocal safety eyewear. Tasks that require the use of safety glasses include any operation that may give rise to flying debris, intense light such as that generated in welding, exposure to gases and radiation or chemical splashes. Hazard assessments should be conducted in order to determine the need for and required specifications of workplace eye protection equipment.

Safeopedia Explains Radians Safety Glasses

When risk assessments indicate the need for protective eyewear or safety glasses, the specifications for this form of PPE should also be determined. For example, workers who are at risk of exposure to hazardous liquids or gases require sealed goggles, while other tasks may only require impact-resistant glasses. Radians safety glasses represent the full spectrum of eyewear required for PPE, and are able to advise health and safety professionals regarding the type of eye protection most suited for application within a range of industries. Eye injuries account for around 700,000 workplace injuries annually and the correct use of eye protection would eliminate up to 90% of these injuries.


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