Health and Safety Plan

Definition - What does Health and Safety Plan mean?

A health and safety plan is a plan for a workplace that is designed in accordance with the legislative requirements covering the roles and responsibilities of the staff, and the emergency action plan etc.. A health and safety plan is designed to serve and protect the individuals affected by the organization in all matters of health, wellbeing and safety.

Safeopedia explains Health and Safety Plan

A health and safety plan of an organization is developed for the safety of workers. The health and safety plan of a project mainly describes what kind of hazards are involved in the project, how they can be overcome and what sort of equipment will be used to overcome the problem. Health and safety plans will differ from industry to industry, but the underlying theme of every health and safety plan is that it should not only take care of the health and safety of the employees, but also the visitors of the premises and the passersby.

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