Muster Drill

Last updated: December 11, 2019

What Does Muster Drill Mean?

A Muster Drill, also known as a lifeboat drill, boat drill, or emergency drill, is a standard practice in the marine industry. It is typically performed upon departure on cruises and other passenger boats.

The general purpose of a muster drill is to train senior staff to be aware of and available at pre-determined stations to facilitate emergency measures related to hazardous materials, man over board, or mass evacuation in the event of an emergency.

Safeopedia Explains Muster Drill

Originally introduced for the marine industry, a Muster Drill now encompasses all emergency drills that have to be carried out routinely for chemical plants, nuclear plants, dams, hospitals, schools, or other critical group assembly.

It covers all safety and evacuation plans in the event of an emergency and outlines staff duties and responsibilities in facilitating measures that need to be taken related to hazardous materials or mass evacuations. Under Muster Drill preparedness, ongoing training is required to help ensure that staff members are aware of their duties and responsibilities, as well as updates in safety regulations and standards for respective facilities.



lifeboat drill

boat drill

emergency drill

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