Mine Safety

Last updated: November 4, 2018

What Does Mine Safety Mean?

Mine safety refers to the management of operations and events within the mining industry, for protecting miners by minimizing hazards, risks and accidents. Most of the safety issues related to mining are addressed in the relevant laws, compliance and best practices that are to be considered for the best possible protection of the mining workers. Employers are to abide by the laws and practices to ensure the maximum observances of safety.

Safeopedia Explains Mine Safety

Mine safety is designed to prevent death, disease and injury in the mining industry and to promote safe workplaces for the miners. Mine safety covers a number of issues and topics effecting safety of personnel and equipment in the mining industry.

The following topics are typical when discussing mine safety:

  • General safety – general aspects of safety which are common to all types of mines (electrical and machine safety)

  • Occupational safety and health – Issues particularly associated to the mining. These include: blasting explosives, ergonomics, diesel and dust control and hearing loss etc.

  • Process and production safety – Safety within the processes associated with mining

  • Workplace safety – Safety issues directly related to the workplace (Ex. ventilation)

  • Fire and explosion safety – In particular, the risks associated to fires and explosions in the mining industry

  • Structural safety – Safety in mine construction and geologic characterization

  • Environmental safety – Issues of environmental safety (direct or indirect impact of the mining industry)


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