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National Spatial Strategy (NSS)

Last updated: January 22, 2017

What Does National Spatial Strategy (NSS) Mean?

The National Spatial Strategy (NSS) is a planning framework for Ireland, which aims to improve on the balance of economic, social and physical development in Ireland by more efficient planning. It's cohesive 18 year framework was established in 2002 on the November 28th, and has its goals set for completion in 2020. The Environmental minister leads the implantation of the plan.

Safeopedia Explains National Spatial Strategy (NSS)

The strategy is about people, places and potential, and makes the most of cities, towns and rural areas in Ireland to improve quality of life, spread opportunities and create better places to live in. The strategy includes the development of medium-sized hubs which are supported by gateways to help the spread of opportunity and improve living quality. The strategy also aims to support environmental health and safety in its decision making process and through the thorough planning involved in its developmental scheme.


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