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Last updated: February 1, 2017

What Does Freecycle Mean?

To freecycle means to repurpose something rather than throw it away. The purpose of freecycling is to recycle things that have been previously used by giving them away to other people for free. This concept has assisted in waste reduction.

Safeopedia Explains Freecycle

By repurposing goods instead of recycling, there is a reduction in waste. Goods that are recycled are not always salvaged, and some things are not recyclable at all. An online community has been established that is nonprofit organization called The Freecycle Network. This network shows individuals in various areas what is available through a freecycle program. People are easily able to join the freecycle network in their area, and post or look for items that are available. The best part is there is no money exchange - it's all free.



Freecycled, Freecycling

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