Trailer Landing Gear

Last updated: September 26, 2018

What Does Trailer Landing Gear Mean?

Trailer landing gear refers to retractable supports that keep a trailer level when the tractor is removed. A pair of landing legs are fixed near the front end to support the trailer after it is decoupled from the prime mover.

The landing gear is also known as the stabilizers and should be of suitable capacity with a gear mechanism to lift the loaded trailer when required.

Safeopedia Explains Trailer Landing Gear

Studies show that trailer landing gear may fail for a variety of reasons including corrosion, damage, or trailers being utilized beyond their life expectancy. It is important to note also that landing gear failures could be attributed to frequent side-to-side, back-and-forth, and up-and-down movements due to fork truck loading and unloading.

Even if the landing gear is maintained and undamaged, injuries can still occur, especially if the landing gear requires manual cranking. The most common injuries occur to the shoulders, back, and wrists. Proper posture and technique can help reduce the potential for injury.

It is important to remember when manually cranking the landing gear to observe some of the following to make the task safer:

  • Visually inspect the landing gear before cranking, and if there are any problems, report them immediately to the relevant authority.

  • Maintain good posture (e.g. brace yourself against the trailer with your non-cranking hand).

  • Avoid putting your face near the area of the handle swing.

  • Don’t spin the crank too fast.


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