High Visibility Jackets

Last updated: October 27, 2018

What Does High Visibility Jackets Mean?

High visibility jackets are an article of PPE or safety clothing made of retro reflective materials. These jackets are worn by people working on roads or rails, in the building construction industry, ports, airports, shipyards, dockyards, hangers, fire services, search and rescue, emergency, utility services, workers working in bad weather or low visibility, cyclists, motor cyclists, traffic police, etc.. They make the wearer conspicuous in low daylight or in the dark when illuminated by headlights. The colors are also flame buoyant and contrast with surroundings for quick detection and accident avoidance.

Safeopedia Explains High Visibility Jackets

High visibility jackets usually come in yellow, light yellowish green, orange or red, which are easily discernible. They also have reflective stripes, insignia, or letters printed on or attached to them. Some of them have light beacon or LED lights attached to them, and some others also glow in the dark.

High visibility vests are worn instead of jackets in warmer weather. EN ISO 20471:2013 specifies detailed requirements for high visibility clothing such as design, requirements for background and combined-performance retro reflective materials, photometric and physical performance requirements for retro reflective materials and care labeling. EN 471:2003 is the European standard for high-visibility clothing specifications.



High Visibility Jacket

Reflective Jacket

Reflective Jackets

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