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Last updated: July 29, 2018

What Does Anchorage Mean?

Anchorage in the building industry relates to the securing of workers who are working at higher heights. Anchorage systems may be rails, lifelines, or single points.

Safeopedia Explains Anchorage

Anchorage systems are rated for either single or multiple-person use. A single-point anchor uses twin tail lanyards and needs to be disconnected and reconnected to move from one area to another. When the worker needs to move across a work area, a rail or lifeline is the most appropriate.

The key job of an anchorage system is to stop a worker from falling. Lifeline and rail systems are required to comply with AS/NZS1891.2 standards. Single-point anchors are required to comply with AS/NZS5532 standards. It is imperative that all anchor systems be fully tested to ensure their safety.


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