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Fall Limiter

Last updated: July 29, 2018

What Does Fall Limiter Mean?

A fall limiter is a self-retracting lanyard, which is able to arrest a fall within a couple of inches. It has a total extendable reach of 12 inches or less. Fall limiters are used when working at heights in situations where a shock absorbing lanyard is inapplicable.

A fall limiter is also known as a self-retracting lifeline, a seatbelt, a block or an SRL.

Safeopedia Explains Fall Limiter

A fall limiter's major advantage over a shock absorbing lanyard is that it requires about 16.5 feet less of fall space to arrest the fall. The fall limiter is a small heart shaped unit that is made of stainless steel and encased in a high impact polymer cover. It works a lot like a seat belt in a car. If you move too quickly, the feed out on the line will stop and your fall will be arrested. A fall limiter is made from cable, webbing, and synthetic rope. It is a safer, more convenient and cost effective alternative to a shock absorbing lanyard if, and only if, it is attached to an overhead anchorage. It is also easier to work with in some emergency situations.


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