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Last updated: January 6, 2016

What Does eLearning Mean?

eLearning is a broad term that encompasses a host of computer-based educational pursuits. It can be stated as the utilization of any type of electronic technology to assist in the acquisition of knowledge. Common eLearning technologies are the internet, intranet, stand alone computers and virtual classrooms. The use of audio and video tapes, satellite TV and CD-ROM are also included under the umbrella of eLearning.

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Safeopedia Explains eLearning

eLearning was initially known as internet based training and web based training. eLearning is often differentiated from traditional learning in that it is asynchronous, which means that there is no set time during which the learning takes place. However, web conferencing is more often becoming synchronous. A major benefit of eLearning is that it offers the learner the option of either synchronous or asynchronous learning.



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