Event Tree Analysis

Last updated: October 29, 2017

What Does Event Tree Analysis Mean?

Event tree analysis (ETA) is an analytical technique used to evaluate process and events leading to a possible accident. It is a causal analytical technique. It is based on an analysis of a sequence of actions and events that have led up to an accident. A graphical logical model is used to analyze this. The response to the accident of the human operator and security system are also taken into account.

Safeopedia Explains Event Tree Analysis

Event tree analysis was initially developed at the request of the nuclear industry in the wake of the disaster at 3 Mile Island. Unlike Fault Tree Analysis (FTA), ETA takes into account the events leading to the event. It used in the areas of risk management, quality management, and security management. An ETA analysis helps to describe the series of activities of the security system. It results in recommendations to reduce the likelihood of actions in the future.


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