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Event Reporting

Last updated: May 13, 2019

What Does Event Reporting Mean?

Event reporting involves producing a report after an event has concluded in order to assess whether the objectives of the event were met. An event report should also identify areas for future fine tuning and improvement. This is a key means by which organizations are able to make assessments as to whether changes in their operational procedure are needed. Event reports are sent to the sponsors of the event and should be tailored towards the needs and interests of the sponsor.

Safeopedia Explains Event Reporting

In preparing your event report, you should try to tailor the report to meet the specific needs and interests of each of the sponsors who will make up the audience. Prior to the event, you should create a tracking process that will allow you to record key information. When writing the report, boil it down to the key details. Discuss the three thing that worked the best and then talk about three things that were the most surprising. Begin with an executive summary and include visuals in the report.

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