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Water Cycle

Last updated: February 12, 2017

What Does Water Cycle Mean?

The water cycle is a series of processes that a body of water goes through as it transitions between the earth's oceans, the atmosphere and land, and involves precipitation as rain or snow, drainage through rivers and streams, and evaporation into the atmosphere by heat from the sun. These stages involve water changing through it's different states as a liquid, a gas ad a solid depending on temperature extremes.

Safeopedia Explains Water Cycle

The water cycle is important to the earth's environmental health and safety. It helps to regulate the earth's temperature. It takes heat away from the earths equator and brings it to the rest of the planet. Without the properties in water and the water cycle, the earth's environment would be too harsh for humans and animals to live in. Unfortunately human activities have a large impact on the water cycle to its detriment and environmental programs have been initiated to reduce activities that influence the water cycle negatively.


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