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Milankovitch Cycles

What Does Milankovitch Cycles Mean?

Milankovich cycles are variations in the earth's orbit in the solar system, which happen over a long period of time and cause changes in the earth's climate. They are believed to be the primary cause of the ice age and a potential cause of future, large scale climate changes in the same vein. This is based on the principle that the earth's obit varies in repeated, predictable cycles.

Safeopedia Explains Milankovitch Cycles

After Isaac Newton communicated his laws of motion and gravity, the orbits of planets could be accurately predicted and this allowed for a deeper understanding of interstellar movements. Moreover, an understanding was gained regarding the influence of the sun and other, smaller planets affect each other's orbit and cause it to move in certain patterns that may not be precisely circular. Milutin Milankovich did not discover these patterns, but improved on methods of calculating and measuring them and relating them to climate changes on earth.


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