Last updated: January 22, 2017

What Does Tornado Mean?

Tornadoes are columns of air consisting of very strong, rotating winds that reach from a cumulonimbus cloud towards the earth’s surface. Tornadoes are also referred to as twisters or cyclones. In meteorology the term ‘cyclone’ is used as the correct terminology for this phenomenon. Tornadoes are visible to the eye is because they create a funnel of condensation.

Safeopedia Explains Tornado

With wind speeds ranging from less than 110 mph to 300 mph, tornadoes are capable of causing severe damage to structures, and threaten human life. Families and businesses should prepare a tornado readiness procedure to ensure that people are able to reach a protected area before these incredibly powerful storms can strike. The most violent tornado in modern times took place in 1925 and lasted for 3.5 hours travelling for 219 miles across the United States.


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