Unconventional Air Pollutants

Last updated: February 1, 2017

What Does Unconventional Air Pollutants Mean?

Unconventional or non criteria pollutants can include several toxic or non-toxic elements. Toxic chemicals, such as benzene, beryllium, PCBs, asbestos and vinyl chloride are man-made unconventional toxic pollutants that are regulated by the EPA. Other forms of unconventional pollution include noise, unpleasant odors and light pollution as well as aesthetic factors.

Safeopedia Explains Unconventional Air Pollutants

Although some authorities list unconventional pollution as primarily consisting of factors, such as noise, light or visual blight others include toxic pollutants in the definition. Although the former, non-toxic category may seem less important, they can also present hazards. For example, drivers of automobiles can be blinded by lights, resulting in accidents, and light pollution may also adversely affect nocturnal wildlife. In addition, it is in the interests of society to preserve and promote visually harmonious landscapes.


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