Population Explosion

Definition - What does Population Explosion mean?

Population explosion is used to describe a sudden increase in numbers within a certain species. The term is typically used when referring to the world's human population increase since the end of World War 2. This was attributed to an accelerated birthrate, decrease in infant mortality and an increase in life expectancy. The term can also be used when dealing with species in the plant or animal kingdom.

Safeopedia explains Population Explosion

Growth in the human population effects all individuals that are part of the population through it's far-reaching impact on the environment and economy. Overpopulation presents a significant burden to human well-being. Among the variety of problems caused by overpopulation, one major negative effect caused by overpopulation is scarcity of resources. Overpopulation means a lack of opportunities and less resources can be distributed to the individuals. Less population means a higher availability of resources and higher quality of living can be achieved in the absence of other factors.

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