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Ozone Layer

Last updated: August 12, 2018

What Does Ozone Layer Mean?

The Ozone layer is a layer in our earth's atmosphere that sits about 20 to 30 miles above the the surface of the ground. It has high ozone concentration, which means that the ozone layer can block potentially harmful ultraviolet radiation (such as UV-B) from the sun, and thus helps to support healthy human and animal life on our planet.

Safeopedia Explains Ozone Layer

UV-B radiation is partially absorbed by the ozone layer in our atmosphere and this means that the UV-B rays that reach the earth's surface are greatly reduced under normal circumstances. However, due to pollution caused by human activities, there are gaps in our ozone layer where ozone is being replaced by other gases. This means that more UV-B is reaching our earth's surface today. This is a major health hazard to humans and our environment, as UV-B exposure increases the risk of skin cancer in humans, and weakens our immune system. UV-B can also cause damage to plant life, micro-organisms, and sea life.


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