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UN Hazard Codes

Last updated: October 14, 2018

What Does UN Hazard Codes Mean?

The UN hazard codes are part of a system for identifying explosive materials and components. The system is recognized around the world and is used internationally. The hazard codes system uses nine classes of dangerous materials. Explosive materials are classified as Class One. The classes of dangerous materials is further divided into six divisions.

Safeopedia Explains UN Hazard Codes

Each UN hazard code number has a hazard identifier, which encodes the general hazard class and subdivision. Each hazard code is divided further in to sub-classes. As an example, the six hazard code divisions for Class One hazards are mass explosion, fragment producing non mass explosion, minor blast or fragment producing mass fire, moderate fore with no blast or fragment, very insensitive explosive substance (with a mass explosion hazard) and explosive article (extremely insensitive).


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