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Hazard Codes

Last updated: June 23, 2018

What Does Hazard Codes Mean?

The United States Department of Transport Hazard Codes are a classification of dangerous materials relating to transportation. It is based on United Nations recommendations. The classifications are:

  1. Explosive
  2. Flammable gas
    1. Non-flammable gas
    2. Poisonous gas
  3. Flammable liquid
  4. Combustible fluid
    1. Spontaneously combustible
    2. Dangerous when wet
  5. Oxidiser
    1. Organic peroxide
  6. Poison
    1. Infectious material
  7. Radioactive
  8. Corrosive
  9. Miscellaneous

Safeopedia Explains Hazard Codes

Vehicles that are carrying any of the 9 classifications of hazardous materials are required to display a hazardous materials placard on all four sides of their vehicle. Vehicles carrying hazardous materials are required to carry shipping papers containing the HD Class and ID number. These must also be displayed on the hazardous materials placard.


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