Radiation Safety Officer

Last updated: May 12, 2017

What Does Radiation Safety Officer Mean?

A radiation safety officer (RSO) refers to the person set in an organization to train and educate others about any radioactive materials or radiation that they may handle during a normal work day. There are certifications and training courses available for this job in particular. This safety officer sets the regulations that need to be followed. Usually those safety regulations will be gone over with new workers and refresher courses will be giving to other people on a regular basis.

Safeopedia Explains Radiation Safety Officer

A radiation safety officer is the person is holds the responsibility for radiation safety within a company. This individual sets the regulations that must be observed as well as handles recommendations and corrective actions that may need to be taken. Usually, the RSO will instruct new employees and periodically review workers about the policies and procedures surrounding radiation safety on the job.

The RSO is also the person who will deal with the Radiation Safety Committee and talk about the safety protocols that need to be set in place. He or she must also complete a review each year of the program relating specifically to how the standards are being followed and any accidents and adjustments that may need to be made for the following year.


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