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Definition - What does X-Ray mean?

X-rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation used to create images of internal or hidden structures. Depending on their wavelength, they may be classified as ‘soft’ or ‘hard’ X-rays with the former being most widely used in the medical profession and in security scanners, while hard X-rays are most often used in determining the structure of crystals.

Safeopedia explains X-Ray

Exposure to X-ray radiation may cause hair-loss, burns or even cancer, and workers who deal with X-ray radiation must therefore take special safety precautions. X-ray exposure is measured in Rems, and OSHA specifies the maximum acceptable radiation per calendar quarter that any worker may be exposed to. Exposure can occur during diffraction, when X-rays are used as a source for photo-exposure, during ion implantation and as a result of e-beam evaporation. Sources of possible X-ray exposure must be identified, exposure evaluations should be carried out, facilities must be enclosed and shielded, and special PPE is required if exposure cannot be avoided.

An X-ray, also known as a a Roentgen ray, is a high-energy photon stream that's widely used in medical examinations such as radiography, radiology, radiotherapy and in various types of scientific research. Researchers, medical technicians and even patients face risks as a result of exposure to radiation, including an increased risk of cancer. Personnel, who are at risk of x-ray radiation during their professional activities must wear protective clothing such as lead-aprons, thyroid shields, leaded eye wear, gonad shields and gloves.

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