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Radiation Sickness

Last updated: October 16, 2016

What Does Radiation Sickness Mean?

Radiation sickness is an illness a person may suffer after exposure to large quantities of radiation. Radiation sickness can vary from mild symptoms such as nausea and vomiting to life threating effects such as neurological defects and even death. The onset of radiation sickness can present immediately after exposure, though some cases the illness has laid dormant in the system and presents itself months, or even years after the exposure.

Safeopedia Explains Radiation Sickness

Radiation sickness is most likely to occur in the medical industry. For example, a person who had undergone excessive radiation treatment can often experience side effects, such as radiation sickness. Such occurrences usually consist of minor symptoms of gastrointestinal upsets and nausea. Employees of a nuclear power facility are at risk of accidental radiation exposure. Such accidents usually involve high levels of radiation being passed through the body and lead to more serious symptoms. It is vital to seek medical attention if you or a colleague has possibly come into contact with radiation.


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