Fire Marshal

Last updated: December 15, 2019

What Does Fire Marshal Mean?

A fire marshal is a person responsible for operations relating to fire safety and training. A fire marshal is typically a member of a fire department, but can sometimes be a member of a different organization. Duties of a fire marshal can include: fire safety code enforcement, fire and arson investigation, fire incident data analysis and reporting, public education, firefighting training, hazardous materials incident responses, wild land fires and the regulation of natural gas and other pipelines.

Safeopedia Explains Fire Marshal

Fire marshals are responsible for the following as per Fire Protection and Prevention Act:

  • Monitor, review and advise municipalities on fire protection services
  • Advise and assist ministries about fire protection services
  • Co-operate with anyone interested in developing and promoting the principles and practices of fire protection services
  • Investigate any incident of fire or explosion (cause, analysis and report)
  • Interpretation and enforcement of the related Act and regulations
  • Disseminate information and advice on fire safety matters by means of public meetings, newspaper articles, publications, electronic media and exhibitions
  • Arrange training and evaluation for persons involved in fire protection services
  • Keep a record of every fire reported for statistics
  • Implementation of the Fire Protection and Prevention Act


Fire Marshals

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