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Mass Burn

What Does Mass Burn Mean?

Mass burn incinerators are used to dispose of solid waste. Modern mass burn incinerators are used to generate energy from the heat generated by burning waste. Incineration takes place at extremely high temperatures. Since the heat is generally used to generate energy, they are also known as waste-to-energy facilities.

Safeopedia Explains Mass Burn

When waste arrives at a mass burn incinerator, it is inspected, and large items and recyclables are removed. Magnets are used to extract metal objects from the waste. The remainder of the waste is shredded and incinerated at temperatures higher than 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit. Water is heated to create steam, which drives generator turbines to produce electricity. Mass burn incinerators are necessary since such large amounts of waste are produced. US domestic waste alone accounts for 220 million tons of waste per year.


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