Fire Fighter

Last updated: December 12, 2019

What Does Fire Fighter Mean?

A fire fighter is a person or employee who fights and extinguishes fires. This individual has theoretical and practical knowledge about procedures by which to extinguish fires using the correct type of extinguishers or other appliances.

A fire fighter is also commonly referred to as a fireman.

Safeopedia Explains Fire Fighter

A fire fighter may be an appointed or a trained person who rushes to the scene of a fire and uses an extinguisher or other tools to put out the fire. Usually, fire departments, other organizations and big enterprises have their own fire fighters, whether contracted or trained for voluntary services. Fire fighters may also perform HAZMAT search and rescue duties. Most fire fighters are also trained to provide medical first aid. Some are specialist fire fighters, such as structural fire fighters or wildfire fire fighters. Professional fire fighters of the government and other public services are highly trained, wear special personal protective equipment and gear and use special vehicles and equipment.

To become a fire fighter, the following characteristics are required:

  • Sound physical and mental health
  • Courage and motivation
  • Education and hands on training in fire fighting
  • Ready to take on challenges
  • A calm and analytical approach in any fire incident
  • Helping and positive attitude


Fire Fighters

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