Definition - What does Safety mean?

The term safety refers to a condition of being safe or protected. Safety in the context of occupational health and safety means a state of being protected against physical, psychological, occupational, mechanical failure, damage, accident, death, injury, or such highly undesirable events. Safety is also described as a condition, where positive control of known hazards exists in an effort to achieve an acceptable degree of calculated risk such as a permissible exposure limit.

Safeopedia explains Safety

Safety is one of the prime considerations in any organization, whether it is profitable or non-profitable. Management is fully responsible for planning and implementing all protective measures to safeguard all employees and properties from any sort of hazard in the workplace. Safety is also required by local laws, industrial regulations and practices.

Employees need to be trained and informed about all safety aspects they might encounter in their workplaces. Safety monitoring and controlling is one of the major day to day tasks of management, since the accidents, damage, injury and other health hazards cost money, hamper production or service and have tremendous negative effect on employee morale and business goodwill.

This definition was written in the context of Occupational Health and Safety
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