Welding Glasses

Last updated: October 16, 2016

What Does Welding Glasses Mean?

Welding glasses or goggles is a kind of PPE used by the welders to provide protection to their eyes from heat, intense ultraviolet or infrared light and flying debris during welding and cutting operations. If these are not used, it may lead to a severe burn of the cornea known as Photokeratitis or welder’s flash. Welding glasses provide a degree of eye protection against some types of welding and cutting. These are however, not suitable for arc welding operation.

Safeopedia Explains Welding Glasses

Welding glasses are designed with shade number 3 or 5 lenses. These shades are useful during torch soldering, brazing and cutting but not intended for arc welding that requires a darker lens. All welding glasses need to be ANSI Z87.1-2010 certified. It is important to choose correct welding glasses for a particular operation.

The optical filter used in welding glasses needed to be suitable for the specific welding or cutting. A filter which is suitable for gas welding is not suitable to be used for arc welding. There are self-dimming type glasses available for arc welding and plasma cutting which provide better vision before the arc starts and after it is extinguished.


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