How Can You Make Use of Mobile Technology to Mitigate Risk in the Construction Industry?

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Laura Surowiec
Profile Picture of Laura Surowiec Laura Surowiec is a Client Service Consultant for Medgate providing implementation and consulting services.  Full Bio
Q:How can you make use of mobile technology to mitigate risk in the construction industry?

The construction industry has one of the highest workplace injury and death rates. The workplace environment is often varied, thus making safeguarding workers, service people, and sites visitors very demanding. Mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, laptops and other handheld devices can be used to report unsafe situations in industries like construction. By using a mobile device, the unsafe work situation can be reported quickly and the information sent to stakeholders who can then quickly rectify the situation. These jobsites might include dangerous wires, corrosive materials, littered walkways, or unsafely stored materials. This quick response can then avoid future accidents.

Monitoring situations through mobile technology allows automatic intervention when a human or mechanical error occurs or levels reach dangerous territory. This occurs in various industries including construction, nuclear plants, petrochemical refineries, agriculture, and the aeronautical industry.

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