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What is the difference between industrial safety and industrial hygiene?


What is the difference between industrial safety and industrial hygiene?


These two terms are similar but they have important differences.

Industrial hygiene is concerned with identifying, analyzing, and controlling the stressors in a work environment that could lead to injury, illness, or impairment. These stressors can be physical, chemical, biological, ergonomic, or psychosocial in nature and can range from noise levels and temperature extremes to radiation and repetitive motions. Industrial hygienists use rigorous scientific methodology to identify potential hazards and evaluate the level or risk and exposure.

Industrial safety, on the other hand, refers to the policies and plans that organizations put in place to meet the challenges identified by industrial hygienists. These include general safety concerns common to all workers, specific concerns relevant to the industry, safety aspects associated with the process and production process, and building and structural safety. Employers must ensure that all relevant laws, regulations, and stipulations are adhered to in order to minimize safety concerns for employees.

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