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What is the difference between industrial safety and industrial hygiene?


What is the difference between industrial safety and industrial hygiene?


Industrial hygiene is concerned with the identification, analysis and control of stressors in a work environment which may result in injury, illness or impairment to a worker. The stressors may be physical, chemical, biological, ergonomic or psychosocial. Industrial hygienists use rigorous scientific methodology in order to identify a potential hazard and evaluate the level of risk and exposure. Physical hazards in the workplace may include noise, extremes in temperature of lighting, radiation and ergonomic designs.

Industrial safety refers to the polices and plans that are put in place by an organization in order to meet the challenges identified by industrial hygienists. It includes general safety concerns common to all workers, specific concerns relevant to the industry, safety aspects associated with the process and production process and building and structural safety. Employers must ensure that all relevant laws, regulations and stipulations are adhered to in order to minimize safety concerns for employees.

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