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The daughter of a construction worker, she believes in enabling field workers to be aware of their surroundings, and to communicate hazards to management before accidents are allowed to happen. As part of ProntoForms’ Health and Safety Committee, Jacinta is dedicated to creating safe work environments for all workers – office and field alike. To gain more insight on how mobile solutions can improve EHS operations check out
Recent Articles by Jacinta Sarpkaya

Reaching Target Zero

Target zero is a goal for many companies. Eliminating occupational accidents and injuries may seem like an ambitious goal, but condition-based management can mitigate and prevent some inevitable risks.

Investing in Safety Audits

Making an investment in safety can mean returns in production and a boost in employee morale. Learn how investing in a regular safety audit program can benefit you and your employees.

The Budgetary Barrier of Going Mobile

A common argument against going mobile is the cost of transition. Find out how you can overcome the budgetary barriers of mobile health and safety.