Hi Bryan McWhorter here with Safeopedia with another safety moment.

I want to talk to you about taking risks. We are risk takers. We all take risks and I want to encourage people to actually take risks, but I want to encourage them to take the right type of risks.

When it comes to risk taking, they fall under three different categories. Again, that's that emotional, professional, and physical. We want employees to feel like they can take emotional and professional risks over physical risks.

Here's what I mean. I've been in work environments where it was so performance driven that employees knew not to go to their supervisor or their lead and say that something's falling behind. They're falling behind schedule, they've got to put equipment down. It's something that's going to come back on them. So what I'll do is I'll take the physical risk. They'll go ahead and work on that equipment with it running.

They'll use that power tool that's got the frayed cord. They'll use something with the guard off. They'll take the physical risk to protect themselves emotionally and professionally. And unfortunately, I have seen that in many different environments.

What we want to do is we want to encourage our employees to take emotional and professional risks. We want them to know that we care about them as a person. So we give them control to stop equipment to come to me and anytime that they see a problem, they have full stop work authority. When it comes to safety. They can stop work knowing that it's not going to blow back on them if it's for a safety reason.

If your employees don't feel comfortable about being able to stop or they're doing, if they deem it to be unsafe or unsafe for somebody else, then you know what? They're going to take risks physically to protect themselves emotionally and professionally. We're risk takers. We're going to take risks. We just want to encourage people to take the right kind of risks and they shouldn't be physical.

Until next time. Bryan McWhorter wit Safeopedia, stay safe.