Suspicious mail has become an increasingly common workplace hazard. Take note of the following tell-tale signs; the use of low value stamps, insufficient postage, lack of a return address, over wrapping, dirty or leaking packaging, a package that appears too heavy and cancellation of postmarks. If your suspicions are aroused, immediately isolate the item, and inform your superior. Make sure that the police are informed immediately.

Do not open any mail that appears suspicious. Rather, place the item in a plastic bag and seal and isolate it. Make sure that everyone who has touched the item washes their hands with soap and water.

If a powdery substance spills out of a mail item, do not attempt to clean up the powder. Cover the spilled substance with an item such as a trash can to prevent its further spread. Then leave the area immediately, making sure to close any windows or doors and turning off the ventilation. Make sure that the area is secured. Go directly to the rest room and wash your hands and any other contaminated areas of your body. As soon as you can, have a shower, using soap and warm water. Make a list of everyone who was in the room when the spillage occurred and give this to emergency responders.