In an emergency situation, most people freeze. You need to be prepared to take action. That means that you are aware of how to recognize and activate and emergency alarm. You should also be well versed in your personal responsibilities under the emergency response plan regarding the worksite or office.

When you hear an emergency alarm go off, you need to act with decisiveness. Unless instructed otherwise, you should quickly leave the area and go to the designated gathering or muster point. Exit by way of the emergency stairs. Do not use the elevator, and keep the exits clear. Avoid running; walk briskly instead. Avoid using the telephone. Do not push or shove.

Any windows or doors that are not being used for escape should be closed. Alert your fellow workers to the need to evacuate. Be alert to assisting any disabled employees who may be in need of assistance to get out of the building.

Remember that employees are responsible for their visitors on the worksite in an emergency situation. Make sure that when emergency response teams arrive, you do hinder their movements. Stay in your assigned gathering place until you are instructed otherwise.

You need to decide in advance how you will react in an emergency situation. Regular practice sessions, or drills should be implemented in order to be prepared.