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Adrian Bartha is the CEO of eCompliance, which he joined in 2012 after experiencing first-hand how a workplace incident affected a power and utilities company which he led as a member of the Board of Directors. Previously, Adrian was an investment professional for a $5 billion dollar private equity firm investing in energy, construction, and transportation infrastructure companies across North America. When Adrian is out of the office, he can be found riding his futuristic motorcycle and wearing his RoboCop helmet.

Everyone has the right to a safe workplace, and we believe that technology plays a vital role in achieving this vision. That’s why we created a user-friendly cloud solution to better manage compliance and daily safety tasks. We enable you to stop worrying about paper work and spend more time on what really matters: keeping your workforce safe and strengthening your business. Join the over 3,000 organizations that have partnered with eCompliance to reach their safety goals.

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