Asbestos in a natural occurring mineral that is made up of bundles of fibers that can become airborne when distributed. These fibers can get into lungs where they can lead to numerous health problems, which include asbesteosis, mesothelioma and lung cancer.

In order to protect yourself from asbestos contamination, you should minimize all work activities in areas that are known to contain asbestos. Take extra precaution not to damage any asbestos material, and any repair work should be done by professionals who are trained and experienced in working with asbestos. You should also avoid dusting, sweeping or vacuuming areas of debris that may contain asbestos.

If you work in an area that has asbestos containing materials, you need to attend an asbestos awareness training course. If you have any suspicions that you have been contaminated by asbestos, you should immediately report this to your HSE representative.

If you are working around asbestos, you need to be wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment. This should include disposable clothing, respirators and gloves. You should also decontaminate both yourself and your tools before you leave the asbestos laden area.

Rather than removing areas that contain asbestos yourself, employ a registered professional to do the job.