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10 Safety Leadership Lessons: I Wish Someone Told Me

GTI Group Executive VP and Jetco CEO Brian Fielkow provides 10 tips for safety leaders on how to build a healthy behavior based safety culture. As safety is everyone’s responsibility, Fielkow offers actionable items and takeaways that safety leadership can use today to support and strengthen their teams. As the presentation title indicates, Brian will share leadership lessons that he wishes someone had taught him much earlier in his career!

Topics will include:

  • “Just Culture”: Explore why a “one size fits all” discipline-based approach to safety failures is not effective.
  • Power vs. Authority: Identify those front- line employees in your organization who have the power to improve safety.
  • Safety and Compliance: Just because a company is compliant does not mean it is safe. True safety must extend way beyond compliance.
  • Safety Dysfunctions: Learn to overcome common safety dysfunctions including abdicated safety leadership and institutional acceptance of incidents.
  • Safety vs. Productivity: Overcome the myth that safety and productivity conflict with one another.
  • The Power of Process: Ensure that employees understand your processes and are accountable for following them without fail.

Brian Fielkow
Brian Fielkow

CEO, Jetco

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