Safety Lanyards

Last updated: May 28, 2018

What Does Safety Lanyards Mean?

Safety lanyards are ropes, wires or cords used to secure personal working tools and other light equipment with the body of the user to prevent losing and accidental dropping, especially while they are working at heights or over a water area. Lanyards are generally worn around necks, shoulders, waists and wrists of the user. These can also be temporarily secured to fittings of the towers, ladders, masts, poles, railings and roofs etc..

Safeopedia Explains Safety Lanyards

Safety Lanyards are made of a bight of rope mainly braided manmade fibers (nylon), leathers or wires etc.. There may be spring hooks attached to them at one or both ends. Safety lanyards used to be used by navy personnel and divers working at sea. Officers and soldiers also used lanyards to secure their personal weapons to their bodies to ease the fear of losing them in the battle field. In modern days, these are widely used by the riggers and workers who work high above the ground.


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