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Hard Hat

Last updated: October 27, 2018

What Does Hard Hat Mean?

A hard hat is an article of personal protective clothing (PPE) used to protect the head from falling objects, impacts from falls, and other types of head trauma.

So-called hard hats that do not provide adequate protection from falling objects or high impact blows to the head are known as "bump caps."

Safeopedia Explains Hard Hat

Different types of hard hats protect against a particular set of hazards.

Hard hats are distinguished according to two types:

  • Type I: The standard for North American workplaces, Type I hard hats protect the top of the head.
  • Type II: More common in European workplaces, Type II hard hats resemble a helmet more than a cap and provides protection to the side of the heads, not only the top of it.

Class G and E hard hats also provide protection against electrical hazards (Class C, however, provide no electrical protection).

Full brim hard hats provide some additional protection against the sun and may also shield the face from rain.



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