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Fibre Metal Hard Hats

Last updated: October 27, 2018

What Does Fibre Metal Hard Hats Mean?

Fibre metal hard hats are designed to protect the skull from injury. They consist of a shock-proof outer shell and a suspension system that cushions the skull from impacts to the outer shell. The use of this form of skull protection is required in any working environment in which workers may be at risk of injury owing to material falling from above.

Safeopedia Explains Fibre Metal Hard Hats

Fibre metal hard hats are available in a range of shapes and forms depending on the industry in which they are being used. As with all protective equipment, hard hats should be inspected regularly. The inner suspension system should be replaced every six months and the hard hat itself should not be used for longer than five years before being replaced. If a hard hat has sustained an impact, it should be discarded and replaced immediately. Employees may not alter hard hats in any way or combine them with other headgear such as baseball caps. The use of stickers for identification purposes is permissible within certain parameters.

Remember, if you seek further clarification on wear, care, and use for your specific type or model of hard hat, there is usually documentation available from the manufacturer. As legislation varies in each jurisdiction, you may want to defer to the manufacturer for clarification around care and use.

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