When is it okay to wear a bump cap?

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When is it okay to wear a bump cap?


Helmets are arguably the most important PPE available given the potentially catastrophic effects of a head injury (learn more about protective gear in 6 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Guidelines Every Employee Should Know). It’s easy to neglect the appropriate headgear when you feel capable and are in familiar surroundings. Regardless of whether you trust your environment, however, this is a dangerous practice because you can’t always see or anticipate every aspect of a worksite and accidents really do happen.

Even the slightest knock to the noggin without headgear on could create problems under the right circumstances. Bump caps were created as a line of protection against those minor incidents. Bump caps are not ANSI-approved to protect against falling objects and projectiles, but they are perfect for low clearance spaces. More like a shell, bump caps allow for comfort as much as protection from bumps, bruises, and lacerations that can occur in tighter spaces. Prime examples of worksites that would benefit most from use of bump caps are sites with low ceilings, sharp corners, or hanging obstructions where hard hats are a little excessive.

Designed to be a functional solution for workers in certain circumstances, bump caps often have air vents and even adjust or flex for greater comfort to encourage compliance on worksites. If you’re really feeling creative, bump caps can even be customized with colors and company logos if your team is fashion conscious (read about what other equipment you are entitled to in Employee Rights – What PPE Does My Employer Need to Provide?).

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