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What Does RIDDOR Forms Mean?

A RIDDOR form is used to report occupational safety incidents that result in injuries, diseases, or dangerous occurrences that happen within the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom Health and Safety Executive (HSE). The term refers to the regulations that govern reporting requirements within the UK—the “Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013” (RIDDOR), which is a statutory instrument of the UK Government. The 2013 RIDDOR instrument replaces a previous 1995 version.

“RIDDOR forms” is an informal term that refers to a group of forms with letter-number identifiers, such as F2508IE, Report of an Injury.

Safeopedia Explains RIDDOR Forms

RIDDOR forms must be used to make reports for incidents resulting in death, specific major injuries, injuries resulting in a more than seven days of absence from work, and injuries resulting in members of the public being taken directly to a hospital for treatment. They must also be used for incidents resulting in dangerous occurrences or dangerous incidents. Additionally, the RIDDOR system requires gas fitters to report any case of a poorly designed or installed gas appliance.

RIDDOR forms are separated by the type of incident being reported (injury, disease, etc.). They are used to create a record of the number and types of illnesses that take place over a given time period to form an image of the risks involved in various industries and occupations within the UK. The goal of the RIDDOR system is to allow the HSE and other relevant government agencies to better understand how to support occupational safety.

The RIDDOR system provides employers or other responsible persons with an obligation to report any incident deemed reportable under the system. This means that RIDDOR forms should only be used by employers, the self-employed, or persons in control of a workplace. Injured employees, members of the public, and others cannot submit forms or alerts within the auspices of RIDDOR. If an employer has not submitted a RIDDOR form as required, an injured person may issue a concern directly with the HSE.

RIDDOR forms are not available as paper documents, and they exist exclusively as online forms that must be submitted within an HSE web portal. Reports may also be submitted via telephone if the incident is a fatal or major incident.


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